Current Design Trends

Being ahead of the trend is always important when it comes to design but, due to the unforeseen shift in lifestyle for us all over the past twelve months, we have seen significant changes in design appear as well as new trends coming into play.

We have all undoubtedly spent more time at home of recent, reconnecting to familiar surroundings in ways that we weren’t able to before. Off the back of these new experiences, we can see a real shift in colours, textures and fabrics requested from our clients.

More and more of us have used the time over the past year to recharge our minds and bodies. Self-care, exercise and mental health have been key factors for all of us. We have seen a direct link between this and new design trends – the desire for softer, more harmonious colours in particular has appeared where clients are wishing to relax and embrace life away from the fast passed environments we have been used to.
Time spent thumbing through family photographs has given us a greater connection with memories from our past. A heritage trend has evolved with colour, pattern and textiles taken from decades in the late 20 th century such as the ’70s and 80’s feeding into the current design.
Whilst functionality will always play a part in our homes, there is now a greater need for us to connect with our senses. Increased sales of candles and diffusers alongside the rebirth of baking has given us an enhanced sense of pleasure that has led to the need to be surrounded by softer, more tactile textures.